MAMA = Making Art More Accessible


As Big MAMA Productions, I provide visual theatre performances and workshops, in puppetry and other media, to tell an individuals or a community’s story as small or large scale events.

Current project:

Roebuck Bay: International Bird Airport – site specific perfromance community education project

About the life and travels of the migratory shorebirds
who visit the Ramsar site of Roebuck Bay Broome, after travelling thousands of kilometres
via other endangered wetlands across the world. Gwen will work with a team of artists and Indigenous Rangers to collaborativly develop a large scale site specific performance on town Beach foreshore in May 2019.

Current project:

Anne street Commemoration Oral History and Concert Project 

The Anne Street Commemoration Oral History and Concert project is series of projects designed to tell the story of the Anne Street Aboriginal Reserve. It is the result of 2 years of research by Notre Dame University.

Song for the Mardoowarra

Touring 2019

Song of the Mardoowarra is an extremely beautiful puppetry work, suitable for all ages. Developed collaborativly with Dr Anne Poelina and inspired by traditional Nyikina creation story for the Fitzroy or Mardoowarra River in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia. It an exciting example of inclusive theatre which engages and works with the community on a number of entry levels

Ngalyak and the Flood

Ngalyak and the Flood  is a puppetry work written and directed by Gwen Knox in collaboration with Dr  Anne Poelina. Performed at the 2015  International puppetry festival OFF in  Charleville-Mézières. A Franco Australian  collaboration, it compares traditional creation stories – how  country and culture are developed.


Jabby is a puppet character created by Gwen Knox. He has taken on the role quite accidentally with the help of his grandson “Nyili”, of a health promoter in the Kiimberley

Staircase to the Moon

Based on the children’s book of the same name by Indigenous local author Bronwyn Houston, Gwen Knox is writer director of the play. The story is inspired by the natural phenomenon of the staircase to the moon where the moon reflects on the mudflats at low tide on Roebuck Bay, Broome.

Ship of Dreams

A Musical Drama for Children Written by by Mary Durack, With Music by June Fitzgerald, Adapted by Gwen Knox 2008, musical director Damion Watkiss. Gwen performed in the original production in 1968.

Worn Art

The 14 years that were Worn Art that ended in 2011. A community driven costume spectacular. While often featuring works  by Artists  from across the world, most works came from the local and higlhy creative community of Broome. 

Carnival of Light

200 hand made and hand held lanterns, several large lanterns, 200 children and 30 adult voice choir, live band made up of key Broome musicians, dancers and fire twirlers made up an truly magical performance on the mud of Roebuck Bay during the Shinju Matsuri 2012.

UNIMA and a Million Puppets

Gwen was contracted by Spare Parts Puppet Theatre to work with a number of communities across Western Australia to create puppets to go into the Guinness book of records attempt to create a million puppets.

Other Puppet Projects

Gwen has been working as a puppeteer whenever her work with Theatre Kimberley Inc allowed. since 1992. 


Big MAMA Productions  

Gwendolyn Knox, is the proprietor of Big MAMA Productions. While the name was taken from a very large processional puppet that she helped create in ththe 90’s called Big Mamma, the name now means Big(mobs of) Making Art More Accessable. Gwen has worked in Australian arts in the community and education (BA Dip Ed.)for over 30 years.

She has a h a firm belief that:
-Change for the better can be brought about by utilising fun, creativity and mutual trust
-True fulfilment comes from what we we actively create for ourselves, not what others think is appropriate for us
-Communication through the arts can help facilitate change for the better for the individual or the wider community. 

Big MAMA Productions makes visual theatre with puppetry, circus, dance, music, story telling, electronic media, collaborative design and development of visual and community theatre, and anything else that is needed to spin a good yarn. 

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Latest News

Sometimes I will add a posts about works in development that I may be involved with or new discoveries and  adventures. 

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Anne Street Commemoration Oral History and Concert Project

The Anne Street Commemoration Oral History project is series of projects designed to tell the story of the Anne Street Aboriginal Reserve.  It is the result of 2 years of[…]

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Song for the Mardoowarra

Song for the Mardoowarra Song for the Mardoowarra is an extremely beautiful puppetry work suitable for all ages.  It an exciting example of inclusive theatre where it can engage and[…]

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